Address Book

Find the Public Key for a given Digital Name

Using the Digital Names Address Book, you can easily find the pubic key for any Digital Name.
* Only Digital Names with low or medium security setting will be made available in the Address Book.

Now use Digital Names for any blockchain transaction.
Digital Names Address Book comforms with most blockchain wallet and exchanges!
* Can be used at any blockchain service that use a public key address.

Using the Address Book


To open the Address Book
When you login to your Digital Names Memebership your Address Book will already have all your saved contacts listed and ready to use. To do this, go to the Client Area and Login. Under My Products and Services, select Digital Name Membership. There you will find the Digital Names Address Book button. This will open your Digital Address Book Window.

Digital Name Address Book Window
In the Digital Address Book Window ,adding and searching for a Digital name is simple. In the search bar, you can enter the Digital Name for which you want to find a key. Now the Digital Address Book will give all available options corresponding to your searched query.

Serched Digital Names
If the Digital Name you searched for is found you can click the icon to add it to your address book. If the digital currency you search for is not found, then it is available for purchase. You can also click the clipboard icon to copy a given public key. If you want to add any contact to your address book just click on the small green icon appearing on the search result page. Once the contact is added, you will also get the option to remove the contact by clicking the red icon.

Your Adress Book Contacts
This feature keeps your most common used digital names available to use again. Like keeping track of digitals names of friends, shops, or services. It is very easy to add and remove any digital name from your address book any time by clicking the green "add" icon or the red "removal" icon. You can also quickly access the currencies of the names on your contact list.

Copying a Public Key
If you click the clipboard icon next to a Digital Name you can copy the public key. It will then be displayed that it has been copied and you can paste it into any of the blockchain programs or websites. It is easy and convient to use so you won't have to remember.

Using the Digital Names Address Book will keep you organized and allow you to make more accurate and effective blockchain transactions.
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* You must login to access the Address Book.

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